Wyvern of Suntiger

née Kenneth “Wyvern” Aldinger

It’s been postulated that Wyvern is multiple people in a single human skin-suit.

social position

White supremacy will not be tolerated on any platform we moderate and we will permanently ban the accounts of people who show sympathy towards the orchestrators of the capitol attack.

We ourselves apologize for being white and any disappointment that may cause.

active projects

We mostly work on Octoboxy, a digital publishing framework. The project’s flagship published content is our fantasy novel, Tales of the Latter Earth.



In the year 2000 I completed a bachelor’s in Computer Engineering. From 2000 – 2004 I was a developer for Microsoft and from 2004 – 2009 an engineer at Google. In 2010 I turned entrepreneur and have remained one ever since. My first startup was both accidental and a complete disaster. My next was a success until I got bored with it. In 2018 I completed an MBA. Currently I lead a small, distributed team of software engineers, available for hire.


The team writes yearly essays on the advancement of AI in our society:

In a relatively quiet corner of the cloud we write ideas on philosophy:

glad to meet ya!

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